About belly dance: It's not about the belly! The word may have originated from the Arabic word "baladi" which means "of the people". It is a folk dance of the Middle East. However, the dance is popular all over the world, and dance styles have evolved since taking root with women who do not live in the Middle East. The dance is characterized by grace and strength with an emphasis on isolating parts of the body with controlled movements. The dancer responds to the music with a vocabulary of moves that she can make her own after mastering the basics. Women of any age (or shape!) can belly dance if they are willing to practice. It is the most feminine of art forms and is quite empowering. And believe it or not - women dance for other women (although, of course, men appreciate our efforts as well). You can be completely covered and still belly dance - costumes are part of the fun and appeal and are as individual as the dancer wearing them.

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Kay in orange belly dancing costume